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Many people are searching for the best divan bed with drawers. It’s tough making the right purchasing decision with numerous models available on the market. I took the time to research and compare different models. I have included my findings on this list that has five of the best models that stand out from others on the market. Hopefully, it helps you choose the right divan bed that meets your particular needs.

Top 5 Best Divan Beds with Drawers in 2018


#1: Sleep Factory Plush Velvet Divan Bed Set

Overall Performance – 98%

Plush Velvet Divan Bed Set with Orthopaedic Mattress,Headboard and 2 Free Bed Drawers, 4FT6 Double (135cm by 190cm)I would give this divan bed frame 100 percent if it was not for the flimsy drawer base. It looks pretty elegant and has received so much love from happy customers online. This bed ranks on top in my list of the best divan bed with drawers because it comes packed with features you’ll only find in expensive divan bed bases.

Overall, its performance is great and the orthopedic mattress is super comfortable and soft. If you are looking for an affordable but comfortable divan bed, I would highly recommend you check this bed base first. It has two drawers on the side and comes with a matching button headboard that adds a nice touch to the elegant looking bed base. A few minor flaws but overall, this divan bed has truly won my heart.

What I like

  • Perfect for anyone working on a tight budget
  • Looks elegant with the button headboard adding a nice touch to its classy design
  • The mattress is deep and firm unlike other divan beds within the same price range. It is super comfortable.
  • The drawers are spacious you can store a few beddings and clothes.
  • Easy to assemble
  • The bed looks and feels sturdy so expect some good years with it.
  • It is a bit higher and huge

What I don’t like

  • While the drawers are spacious, the base looks a bit flimsy I wouldn’t recommend overloading it with heavy items.

#2: Double Diamond Divan Bed Base

Overall Performance – 97%

Double Diamond Divan Bed Base Comes with 4 Drawers and Crystal Glass HeadboardEarning a spot on this list is this stylish divan bed with four drawers. It’s important to note that the headboard looks exactly as in the picture so if you don’t want a tall headboard, you might want to try shopping for other options. It stands at approximately 30 inches from the floor. There are metal runners included to help you open and close the drawers smoothly. The Double Diamond Divan Bed Base is finished in quality black fabric and has a crystal glass headboard. This combination gives the bed a stylish and elegant look.

What I like

  • Both the divan bed base and headboard look and feel sturdy and durable – it is undoubtedly a solid bed for the price.
  • The base looks beautiful and the headboard adds a nice elegant touch to your room.
  • The drawers are large enough to give you plenty space for your items.
  • It is easy to put together this bed

What I don’t like

  • There are no headboard holes. It moves back a bit when you lean on it.

#3: Reliance Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress

Overall Performance – 96%

Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress, Headboard and 2 drawers (4ft6 Double)This divan bed with drawers ranks as the number one best seller on Amazon. You can easily tell why because despite selling at an affordable rate, it comes complete with all the features you want in the best divan bed. It comes with an orthopedic spring mattress, has a headboard and two drawers. Even at first glance, you will love this bed because it looks quite elegant.

The black faux leather divan bed bases and Belgium damask fabric give this bed its elegant look. The best part is you can easily match it with any room décor thanks to the neutral tone. Because the headboard attaches to either end of the bed, the drawers can be on either side of the bed at the bottom depending on how you assemble it.

What I like

  • Unlike other divan bed bases, this model comes with a super comfortable mattress that is thicker than expected
  • It is extremely easy to put up this divan bed – you can assemble it in 30 minutes
  • The drawers look nice and are deep to give you plenty of room to keep your items.
  • The quality divan bed with headboard looks quite elegant and stylish it adds a nice touch to any room.
  • The bed looks and feels sturdy
  • Great value for the money you spend

What I don’t like

  • There are no fitting instructions so you may have a hard time putting the bed together if you don’t know how to do it.

#4: Sleep Factory Ltd Divan Bed Set with Mattress

Overall Performance – 96%

Sleep Factory Ltd Grey Suede Memory Foam Divan Bed Set With Mattress, Headboard and 2 free drawersThis is by far the best divan bed with drawers. It has all the features of a great divan bed, sells at a reasonable price and looks quite stylish. Its modern design makes it the perfect addition to any room. What’s more, the base is finished with a smooth grey suede material while the mattress has high-quality CoolTouch fabric making it easy to complement with most decors.

The divan bed comes complete with a memory foam mattress, two side drawers, and a matching headboard. I love the way the headboard sits beautifully above the mattress. Speaking of the mattress, it is soft and very luxurious expect some good night sleep with this model. The bed has a great height and it is super easy to assemble. It should take you some few minutes to put the bed together. If you want a comfortable yet cheap bed, then this is the ideal bed for you.

What I like

  • The mattress is very comfortable and assures you some good night sleep without feeling any back pain.
  • This divan bed frame looks elegant and complements any room décor thanks to the neutral grey tone.
  • It is very affordable
  • It is also very easy to assemble you can do it on your own in a few minutes.
  • The bed has a great height and is huge
  • The two drawers are deep and spacious to give you enough room to keep your clothes or other items.
  • The headboard looks quite elegant and matches the bed base well.

What I don’t like

  • For the price you pay, it is not the highest quality bed on the market

#5: Deep Quilt Divan Bed and Mattress

Overall Performance – 95%

Deep Quilt Divan Bed Including Deep Quilt Mattress And HeadboardUnfortunately, this divan bed with headboard does not have storage space. It is, however, a good buy if you want a divan bed frame with top quality mattress. The fabric looks great and the neutral tone makes it perfect for most bedrooms. With so many customer reviews online, you can be sure you’re putting your money in the right place.

I can recommend it if you want a comfortable bed for your spare bedroom. The mattress is very soft so if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can buy a different mattress. On the downside, the base is a bit slippery and makes the mattress move a lot which may be quite irritating. The matching headboard makes it look quite classy you’d think it’s an expensive divan bed. It, however, does not have holes on the back to screw the wood.

What I like

  • The mattress is thick measuring approximately 8 inches
  • The bed has a solid construction and it feels very sturdy
  • It comes at a great price making it perfect for anyone on a budget
  • The upholstered platform and Belgian damask cover with deep quilt finish give this divan bed a nice modern look.
  • It has a small design and would be perfect if you have a small bedroom.

What I don’t like

The mattress does not meet my expectations. It is very soft you will have to replace it if you want a firmer mattress.

My Pick of the Best Divan Bed with Drawers

I highly recommend Sleep Factory’s Plush Velvet Divan Bed Set because while it sells at a reasonable price, it delivers the best performance as other expensive divan bed bases. It also comes from a brand that is well known for making the best divan beds on the market. This Plush Velvet Divan Bed Set is a model that proves they also cater to those who want a good quality bed yet they are on a budget. The orthopedic mattress is firm and super comfortable and the matching headboard looks plush. Overall, the bed is sturdy and durable. It also looks great and has a neutral tone that makes it perfect for any bedroom.


Now that you have seen the best divan bed bases available on the market, I hope you can make the right buying decision and settle with any of these models. The best part is that all these beds are reasonably priced so you won’t have to dig deeper in your pocket. If you want something affordable but comfortable, you can choose any of the models I’ve included on this list.


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